For faster physical results train smarter not harder, regardless of your age, weight or body type.

What makes the VibePlate the best Vibration Plate on the Market?

This is about training smarter not harder. VibePlate is not magic it’s simply a controlled vertical vibration to engage all your body’s muscles. VibePlate is the largest vibration machine in the world that enables you to perform push-ups, lunges and other exercises with your full body supported on the platform. The durable low profile platform made of steel is endorsed by American medical and sports professionals who integrate it into their training and injury rehabilitation programmes and it carries the CE mark to show that it meets all essential European health and safety requirements.

In America The Gray Institute is a leading provider of functional training, rehabilitation and performance enhancement. When asked to choose which machine they would recommend they said the 'VibePlate' above and beyond machines like PowerPlate and VibroGym because it represented greater value for money and offered superior versatility.

The Journal of Sports Sciences says that lifting weights while on the vibration platform increases the effectiveness and results of strength training.

Compare the VibePlate vs. Other Vibration Platforms

VibePlate is the most functional, durable and affordable vibration plate on the market today. Compare the VibePlate